So many new faces


I didn’t know you were here either, it is ever good to see you again. That means a lot to me, thank you for saying such kind words. It has been a pleasure, I care for your sister very much.

Its good to see you too. You are welcome, by the way. I’m glad someone looked out for her after all the years she spent looking after others. If there is one thing I keep very important to me… It would honestly be the safety of my sister. 

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The Fighter: Flashbacks: Reaping Day — Adrian && Annie

Reaping day. Whoever could sleep the night before wasn’t human. Annie never could. It was too stressful. She would lie awake in her hammock, listening to the little ones breath and the sound of the waves hitting the shore outside. Every night that usually worked. The sea always calmed her,

Adrian didn’t want to move, nor budge from his spot as his eyes wandered the sky. He knew the time was passing as the waves retreated slowly little by little to allow more of the shoreline to be shone. Digging his fingers into the sand the sensation was cold and soothing like the surfs mist. This was the second year he would be eligible and as unsettling as it should have been, Adrian was oddly calm. Almost too calm as he moved to push some sand away with his hands. He didn’t care as the small granules clung to his dark wild hair, popping out to appear like a mass of bugs or dandruff. But he didn’t care at all, in fact, it was the least he could do to bump heads once again and to show his “parents” that he would be willing to defy them as he’d plan to go to the reaping without being as clean or tidy as expected. 

In all reality, he’d be happy enough to run straight into the surf and then roll in the sand if he had to get it to stick better. That would be just the small something just perfect enough to bother the people around him. But, as he thought of the ideas he could act out on he noticed Annie as she approached. His lips curling into a small smile before the fell at her tone. “It doesn’t have to be.” He replied, rolling his head to the side. He was happy that it had been Annie who took care of everyone one the mornings of the reaping, but it wouldn’t entirely spare her from his anger. “And why need to reassure? Or seem to chipper? Why do we have to go? Why does it matter?” The questions lined up one after another in his head. He should of probably hid in his attic, blocking anyone access and pretending he had died up there. But surely enough, Adrian sat up, his hands moving to collect sand. Fingers moving back and forth, kneading the sand before picking it up in handfuls to sort out the pebbles, pocketing only the larger ones about the size of a glass marbles.

The boy never once looked up at Annie after she approached because he knew that by just looking up at her would mean he would have to acknowledge what she had said. Which would result in him having to get up and go. However, he couldn’t just ignore Annie and pretend she was just a voice, Adrian forced himself to peek up at her quietly, his brown eyes locking on to her face before huffing. Anger filled him inside, and as he knew he would if he even just dared to look at her, he obeyed and stood up. “How long exactly?”

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So many new faces


For those I haven’t had the pleasure to meet, I’m Finnick Odair.

I didn’t know you were here! But, I do have something I needed to say to you… thank you a lot for taking care of my sister. 

Flashbacks: Reaping Day — Adrian && Annie

      Something hadn’t been right, nothing had been during the time of the reaping, and there Adrian laid on his back as he stared at the rough wood above his head that held up the roof. His space he had found and claimed, although a little “different”, had worked wonders. He lived up high, in the safety that the rafters that the attic provided. From here he could listen to conversations, keep warm from any heat that drifted up from below, and most importantly, be alone. But at this point in time, on this very day, he didn’t feel like being alone. Now more than ever he wished to be sitting alongside his older sister or out on the beach.  She had always been the only one to understand. She was the only one that made sense. The rest of his siblings he could forgive, they had nothing to do with the fact of what he was, but his mother wasn’t let off the hook for sure. But, that was the moment in thought when he decided that the ocean would be a better friend in this moment. It would be just selfish to try and wake Annie up at this hour. 

Sitting up slowly, Adrain silently crawled to the opening into the attic. He had grown used to climbing up in an acrobatic manner through the hole in the ceiling that was fashionably covered to seem like just a rise in the surface. Moving his left hand to grip the top left corner of the wood and his right to grip the lower right, Adrian carefully wiggled the one thing that blocked the world from him before positioning both hands on the sides of the square cut hole, and lowered himself. His shoulders rolled back and popped for a moment out of place as he let himself down. When his feet were on the ground he decided to carefully sneak through the house, passing through the living room and dining room area he made his way to the front door and quietly snuck out. Once outside he let his feet carry him down to the shoreline where he sat down and shoved his feet into the warm sad. The spray of the cool ocean mist coming off the surf felt good. 

His brown eyes watched the rolling surf proceed to creep closer before retreating into the mass. Life would of been better to be born an animal, or perhaps to of been passed up in the genetic pool that awaited all possibilities. It had been just previous years before when he first admitted that when he became of age that he would be best to volunteer. He was young, and still was, but his mind still hadn’t changed. The idea of winning would of helped if situation and take care of the family that did matter while the idea of death brought a roll of relief across him. He was open to the idea of death and the opportunities it opened, the problems that could be fixed. They were all alluring, but in this moment, Adrian drug his hand across the sand and dug his finger under the crusted surface just long enough to pull out a rock of suitable size. Winding back his arm he tossed it closer into the waves rolling course of movement. 

As he sat, he watched the rock disappear under the sand before laying down. He stretched out his legs and laid there as the small specks of sand latched into his mess of hair. Staring back up at the sky his stomach lurched and dropped in a faint moment of anxiety. Oh how he wanted to talk to Annie or to dig his fingers into the stringy tufts that made up Bights pelt. But, it shouldn’t be long now before everyone would be awake to prepare.


It’s my fault… I know it is.

Pffffffffffft Ezra what are you doing, are your lips tasty? XD

Annie, don’t say that. Don’t you dare say that.


Finnick got me… from the Capitol. When Finn escaped they… they took me and they killed Kevin. 

I’m glad Finnick got you out of the capitol… as for what happened to Kevin… Well, lets just hope that it wasn’t for nothing?


How did you get here? Where were you? I missed you so much.

Well that would kind of take a long time. I’ve ended up all over and more importantly I want to know how you have been and what you’ve been up to!